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5mm LED Rainbow Pack (Tinted) (5 x 8 Colours 40 LEDs)

5mm LED Rainbow Pack (Tinted) (5 x 8 Colours 40 LEDs)

(£4.17 ex. VAT)

We find bog standard LEDs to be boring, so we had these lovely LEDs custom manufactured. With tinted water clear lenses, these LEDs are delightful to look at whilst off. Super bright die's mean they are more than capable of lighting up a project. They also have a larger than normal viewing angle of 25 deg (normally 17 deg). These LEDs come included with current limiting resistors meaning they are ready to slot into any project.


  • Candy tinted lenses mean they look good on or off.
  • Eight colours means matching an LED to purpose is easy.
  • Included current limiting resistors means these LEDs are ready to use.

Technical Details:

  • Colours: 8 (red 622 nm, orange 605 nm, yellow 590 nm, green 520 nm, blue 470 nm, purple 405 nm, white 6200 K, pink 1500 K)
  • Brightness: (red,orange,yellow, green, blue, pink 6000 mcd) (purple 700 mcd) (white 9000 mcd)
  • Power Angle: 50% power angle 25 deg


  • LED (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, pink 5 mm tinted lens) (x5) (x40 total)
  • Resistor (270 Ohm) (x40)


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